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Campaign Strategy and Launch & Social Media Management (2022 – 2023)

About Jim Banks Surfboards

“In 1981 at the height of his pro surfing career, ranked 8th in the world, Jim Banks turned his back on pro surfing and walked away… To return to his passion of seeking out the worlds most challenging and remote waves to put himself and his boards up against. And so while the worlds best surfers danced to the dangling purse strings of pro surfing, Jim quietly slipped away to surf the waves like Uluwatu, Grajagan, Desert Point, Gnaraloo and Cloudbreak, often by himself and on days when no one else would paddle out. Since then, Jim’s life has been a devotion of relentlessly developing his boards while quietly continuing to put himself up against some of the worlds most challenging waves.”

— From Jim Banks Surfboards’ Website —

About the Project

I was honored to be a part of the team at Jim Banks Surfboards. As a surfer myself, it was incredibly enjoyable to learn more about our history, equipment, and technologies. Working alongside such wonderful people from the industry meant a great deal to me and it’s something that I would never take for granted.

Jim trusted me to manage our social media accounts (IG & FB) and create strategies for our Future Form and Epoxy Basalt campaigns. To say that everything went successfully is an understatement. During the first month alone, we managed to increase board sales by five times. And by the end of the first three-month mark, we had gained 4,000 organic followers on Instagram. These two examples are just the first of our many wins during my time in the team.

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Future Form Campaign


The Future Form has been a revolutionary breakthrough in surfboard design for us. A finely tuned vee that rises up out of the middle of the concave that merges the smooth glide and rail to rail transition of a vee bottom with the drive, acceleration and spark of a concave.

Our experience with the Future Form bottom contour has led us to believe that it’s the highest performing bottom contour. One that leaves other bottom contours in the dust. 

Epoxy Basalt Campaign


After testing the new epoxy basalt technology for 12 months, we finally launched it to the pubic late in 2022.

Basalt fibre is a new technology that’s being introduced into many industries around the world, including the surf industry. It’s a woven cloth fabric like fibreglass but the actual fibre is made from volcanic basalt rock which gives it better mechanical properties than standard fibreglass.

Social Media Management

Jim Banks Surfboards
Jim Banks SurfboardsJim Banks Surfboards
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